Kona Bloom | 100% Kona Coffee


Tasting notes: Honey-butter, toffee, nougat, jasmine cacao, stone fruit. Light and syrupy mouthfeel. 

 medium   Origin: Kona district, Big Island  


Kona Bloom comes from one of the highest coffee grades available, which also happens to be among the largest Kona coffee beans.

After Kona Bloom is milled, it undergoes three additional steps that elevate the quality, and meets our expectations: optical sorting, grading, and storing in Grain-pro bags.

Grading separates the coffee into different sizes, and removes some defects. We only use the top two grades, which are the largest Kona coffee beans. Optical sorting removes discolored and damaged beans. Grain-pro storage protects the delicate coffee from Hawaii's humid environment. These three steps separate exceptional specialty-grade from commodity-grade Kona coffee.

 Farm: Kona Earth

Varietal: Kona typica
Processing: washed
Perfect for: Enjoying black; pour over, immersion, espresso

Cost per cup: $1.23, hand-harvested

Suggested brewing: Immersion. 1g medium ground coffee to 17g at 200-205 F water. Bloom and steep for 4:00.

For pour over use a 1:16 ratio. 

100% Kona Bloom Brewing Instructions

コナ ブルーム

100% コナコーヒー

ロースト:  ミディアム

ティスティングノート:  トフィー、カカオ、蜂蜜、アプリコット、甘くスムーズ


Coffees are roasted to order 2-3 days per week and shipped with the roast date applied to the bag. Therefor, orders may take 1-3 business days to process before being sent out for delivery. Please use FedEx for expedited delivery.


Because Espresso Bites are made without stabilizers or preservatives, they may bloom or melt when shipping temperatures exceed 80 F. If this is a concern in your location please select FedEx delivery. 

We do not accept returns or refunds when the buyer selects Free Shipping or USPS delivery. However, we'll gladly provide a refund or credit if our products are damaged when shipped via FedEx. 

If your order is incorrect or damaged in any way, please email us at hello@bigislandcoffeeroasters.com with your order number within 10 days of receiving your order.


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KONA BLOOM | 100% Kona Coffee

Extra Fancy is the highest grade of Kona coffee available, and a finer coffee than Kona grades Fancy, #1 or "Estate" (which is typically a blend).

Kona's top grades (Extra Fancy & Fancy) are the largest beans and allowed fewer defect beans than lower grades, with Extra Fancy being permitted the fewest. Here's what this means for you: you'll experience Extra Fancy Kona Coffee as being sweeter, smoother, brighter, buttery and far more consistent. It's also the largest bean-size available, comprising a mere 15-20% of the total crop. Providing you with the highest grade of Kona Extra Fancy coffee available is a reflection of our commitment to provide only the best Hawaiian coffees, selected after rigorously cupping coffees from several different farmers in each region, each year. You'll find that our Extra Fancy Kona Bloom tastes balanced and sweet, with floral peachy tones, rich with flavors of toffee, graham cracker, honey butter and cacao, and supported by a silky mouthfeel. We suggest serving it black, via pour over or auto drip, and pairing it with pastries, fruit tarts, or Belgian waffles.