We've put over $6M into the hands of local coffee farmers, thanks to you.

We're raising the bar, scaling the reach, and changing the conversation about Hawaiian coffees upon the pillars of our values: quality, community, and sustainability.

We prioritize creating long-term value for local farmers while preserving Hawaii's beautiful places. By doing so, we nurture the future and this way of life for our island home.


100% Renewable Electric Energy

Our commitment to using 100% renewable electrical energy has prevented over 29 tons of CO2 emissions. That's the equivalent of stopping 28,000 lb of coal from being burned, and what 33 acres of forest can sequester in a year.

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Quality, Community, Sustainability

Specialty coffee takes a whole systems approach to economic, environmental, and agricultural well-being, because we as an industry have learned that sustainability is rarely black and white.

The result is better care of our land, living wages for our workers, and remarkable coffee experiences for you.

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and Organic Hawaiian coffee


Behind the Price of 100% Hawaiian Coffee

The price of Hawaiian coffee reflects an equitable and sustainable supply chain, where local farmers and their employees can earn a living wage.

Together, by empowering farmers, we can enable top-tier Hawaiian coffees, innovation, sustainable land practices, and an inter-generational farming economy.

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Protecting Hawaii's Wild & Beautiful Places

We give back to organizations that support wildlife rescue and habitat restoration, including David Attenborough's World Land Trust, the Hawaii Marine Animal Response rescue program, and more.