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What is the Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club?


The Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club started in 2014 with the goal of sharing the exciting micro-lots we discovered around Hawaii that were too small in quantity to offer online. Today, it’s evolved to our most exciting coffee subscription with coffee club members around the globe. Impressively, our first three members are still members today and have tasted a greater variety of 100% Hawaiian coffees than most coffee industry professionals ever will!

What do members receive?

Of all the benefits members receive, it’s the exclusivity, variety and freshness that earns their vote as the best coffee of the month club!


This isn’t your average coffee subscription. The Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club is designed for adventurous and flexible people who want to experience new Hawaiian coffees on a regular basis. 

As a member, you’ll receive a unique array of fresh-roasted 100% Hawaiian coffees each month, both exclusively offered to you and available year-round. You’ll taste different growing regions, a variety of coffee processing methods, and both heritage and new coffee varieties.

Origins like Ka'u, Kona, Maui, Puna, Kauai, Hamakua, & Oahu coffees. Coffee varieties like huge Ka'u Giant Maragogipe contrasted with tiny Maui Mokka, or sweet Yellow & Red Bourbon compared with traditional Kona Typica. Coffee processing methods like washed, honey process, natural, and processed with wine yeast!

Here’s a snapshot of featured coffees that members received in 2021 and 2022:

Kona Peaberry flight

Kona Noir – a unique SL34 coffee variety

Kona Red Bourbon

New Year Naturals Blend

Wood Valley Single Estate

Oahu Honeyed Waialua

Maui Caturra & Catuai

Honeyed Kona Pacamara

Ka’u Lehua Black Honey

Mokka Peaberry

Hamakua Mahina & Stout Heart Dark

Yellow Kauai Catuai

… and more!


Each coffee arrives to your home freshly roasted with the roast date applied to the bag, so you can expect unparalleled freshness. Big Island coffees are also freshly milled, which is a vertically integrated process that less than .25% of U.S. roasters can provide. Milling removes the husk (a.k.a parchment) from coffee, and fresh milling means our coffees remain explosively fresh and retain better character throughout the year.

After the coffee is milled, we leverage our combined decades of experience in Hawaiian coffee to roast these specialty 100% Hawaiian & Kona coffees, preserving their most subtle and complex characteristics. 


Hawaii is home to over 900 small coffee farms. Sometimes the lots we buy from these small farms aren’t large enough to offer to everyone. In these cases, we reserve access to these special lots for our Coffee of the Month Club members, with members of the Explorers and Roasters Club receiving the richest variety.


Your club is customizable, allowing you to tailor the number of bags you want to receive, what roast level you want, and whether you want it pre-ground for a specific brewing method or shipped as whole bean. 

Tasters Club
: 1 bag / month

Cuppers Club: 2 bags / month

Explorers Club: 3 bags / month

Roasters Club: 4 bags / month


Members receive free shipping, first tastes and the option to reserve limited lots, VIP status, and more.

When does each coffee club ship?

Members are charged between the 24th – 26th of each month. Once the charge goes through, the members’ coffees are roasted between the 27th and 29th, shipped immediately and typically delivered the following week, or the first week of the month.

Can I gift a coffee subscription?

Yes, you have three options for purchasing a gift subscription.

Pre-paid: the gift subscription is purchased in full for the duration of the membership.

Month-to-month: the gift subscription is charged to your credit card each month for the duration of the membership.

You can also purchase the Tasters, Cuppers, Explorers, or Roasters Club and simply cancel at any time.

Modifying Your Hawaiian Coffee Club Membership

Members manage their subscriptions through their account on our site, which allows them to easily change, upgrade, or skip a shipment at any time. 

See additional instructions on upgrading, swapping or changing your subscription here.

Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club reviews

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