Barista Boar Diner Mug

From farm to cup, this story begins mauka (mountain-side) with a boar in a field of Big Island coffee and ends in serving the rainbow of varieties and types from a french press backpack makai (ocean-side) in Hilo. ✦ Each mug in this series is artfully decorated with our full-color logo printed inside.

Kīlauea Volcano Diner Mug

This 12 oz diner mug celebrates Kīlauea's powerful, bold beauty - the most active volcano in the world. It's also a nod to our origin. Just a few miles below Kīlauea Crater, in the town of Mountain View, sits the original farm & mill of Big Island Coffee Roasters.✦ According to legend, the goddess Pele lives in Halemaʻumaʻu crater in Kīlauea at Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park. She's known for her power, passion, jealousy, and beauty. ✦ To assuage Pele, it's tradition to offer her gin or flowers. We suggest doing the same: pour a swig of gin inside or gift it with bundled flowers.

Ōhiʻa Espresso Cup & Saucer

Adorned with vibrant red, yellow, and orange Ōhiʻa Lehua blossoms, this dainty, limited edition espresso cup & saucer showcases the immensely important keystone species that holds the entire volcano-to-forest ecosystem together. ✦ Ōhiʻa is the first tree to colonize lava and is also an important food for the native 'Apapane and 'Akohekohe. It's symbolic for strength, beauty, sanctity, and is considered the physical manifestation of KU, one of the four principal Hawaiian deities ✦ Our logo is printed in the bottom of the cup.

Pōhuehue Latte Cup & Saucer

Indigenous to Hawai’i and celebrated for its ecological and medicinal significance, this cup is decorated with Pōhuehue, the graceful morning glory that grows abundantly along Hawaii’s coastlines. ✦ Named after the mo‘olelo (story), Pōhuehue is a tale of two entwined lovers who, after being separated for several years, were reunited on the shores of Lāna‘i. ✦ This limited edition Pōhuehue latte cup & saucer holds 12 oz. Our logo, hidden inside the cup, is a sweet little surprise once you’ve finished your (first) morning cup.

'Awa & Awa Cappuccino Cup & Saucer

Say Aloha to Awa and ‘Awa! This limited edition cappuccino cup is a play on words celebrating traditional Hawaiian food and medicine: Awa (milkfish) and ‘Awa (kava). ✦ Awa are cultivated in loko I'a (ancient fish ponds) which were vital to the Hawaiian food system, like Hale O Lono loko I'a, a restored loko I'a near our cafe in the Keaukaha community. ✦ Awa, the plant, has important ceremonial and medicinal uses; there are dozens of varieties grown in Hawaii. ✦ Our logo is printed in the bottom of the cup.

Big Island Icons Cup & Saucer

This 12 oz ozone blue latte cup is bursting with your favorite Big Island Coffee Roasters icons and characters. It features our barista boar, cups of coffee, roasters, roosters, ukulele, cats, Chemex, and more! It's everything you'll find at our coffee farm and mill on Hawai’i Island. Our logo is hiding on the inside too - take a peek!

Meet the Artist

Keanu Wilson

Keanu Wilson is a self-taught digital artist known by the pseudonym Prowlanu, originally from Connecticut. With an innate passion for digital art, he embarked on a creative journey after obtaining his BA in Kinesiology from the University of Hawaiʻi. Keanu's artwork celebrates the essence of life, particularly inspired by the indigenous flora and fauna found in the Hawaiian Islands, from which he draws his artistic inspiration. His creations are distinctive and timeless, reflecting his unique perspective and artistic vision.

Apart from his remarkable artwork, Keanu has honed his skills in custom graphic design work, enabling him to work collaboratively with other local businesses. We are so lucky to be one of the businesses he chose to partner with to make the Awa and 'Awa Mug and Saucer and Pohuehue Mug and Saucer.

Meet the Artist

Malie Moana

Malie was born on Big Island but now lives on both Big Island and Maui with her partner and kids where both communities and places not only inspire but nurture her art.

Growing up in Hawaii afforded a lot of inspiration for what would eventually turn into a career as an artist. In her formative years she was always drawn to working with her hands and naturally gravitated towards art. She returned to block printing as an adult once she was in the mental and emotional environment to do so. What started out as a simple series of various ginger plant carvings quickly grew to more art pieces including the designs on our 'Ohia Mug and Saucer and Volcano Diner Mug.