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wholesale Kona coffee

Wholesale Kona & Hawaiian Coffee, Espresso Bites, Mamaki Tea & More

We offer the widest diversity of wholesale Hawaiian coffees worldwide - from wholesale Kona coffee, to Ka'u, Maui, Oahu, peaberry, and 100% Hawaiian blends.

We also offer roasted coffees from around the world, tailored for traditional cafe service, including breakfast blends, espresso blends, decaf and single origin coffees.

Our non-Hawaiian coffees are either Rainforest Alliance certified, Fair Trade, or organically grown.

Regardless of what you order, all of our coffees are roasted to order, specialty-grade, and come with the roast date stamped on the bag.

Once your application is accepted, you can place orders through our wholesale website.


  • We do not accept Amazon resellers
  • Our coffees must be cycled at a reasonable rate to maintain quality


  • Diverse specialty-grade Hawaiian coffees (single origin, espresso, barrel aged)
  • World Espresso blends, breakfast blends, and single origins (FTO)
  • Training and consultative opportunities
  • Coffees are roasted to order with date stamped on packages
  • Japanese / English translated bag labels
  • Taste profile matching
  • Wholesale equipment
  • Espresso Bites, merchandise, Māmaki Tea

      • Licensed Arabica Q Grader 
      • SCA Coffee Roasting II
      • SCA Coffee Brewing II
      • SCA Barista Skills II
      • SCA Green Coffee Analysis II
      • Espresso Machine Tech Repair Certificate II


      • Hawaii Business Magazine Small Business of the Year (2021)
      • Honolulu Magazine Honolulu Favorite Coffee Company (2021)
      • Forbes "12 Best Coffee Roasters in the USA" (2018)
      • Coffee Review "Top 30 Coffees of 2019" Barrel Aged Puna (2019)
      • Forbes "World's Best Hotel Coffee is at Four Seasons Hualalai" (2018)
      • Hawaii 40 Under 40: for contributions in the Hawaii coffee industry (2017)
      • Grand Champion coffee, Hawaii Coffee Association (2013)
      • Coffee Review "Top 30 Coffees of 2013" Honeyed Yellow Caturra (2013)
      • edible Hawaii Magazine "Hawaii's Favorite Artisan Beverages" (2015)


        • Barista training: Espresso, milk foaming, latte art, machine maintenance
        • Pour over, French press, Aeropress, Melita, Clever brewer training
        • Water temperature and grind settings
        • Hawaii coffee proficiency
        • Sales team training
        • Equipment maintenance
        • Equipment services (customers only)
        • Coffee business success consulting
        • Roast training
        • Sensory training
        • Coffee varieties, processing, and farm terminology training
        • Q cupping and evaluation

        Hawaiian Coffee Sample Packs