Big Island Coffee Roasters a vertically integrated coffee farm, mill and roasting company, offering the widest diversity of Hawaii origins & varieties worldwide - from our homegrown Puna coffees, to Maui Mokka, Kona Geisha and beyond.

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Forbes as one of the "12 Best Coffee Roasters in the USA,” our team is dedicated to sharing exceptional Hawaiian coffees from each region, milled in small batches and roasted to order.

Beyond Hawaiian coffees we provide specialty-grade coffee from around the world: single origins, espresso blends, decaf, etc.

The international coffees we offer are 100% specialty grade and either Rainforest Alliance certified, Fair Trade, or organically grown.

Wholesale orders are roasted  Sunday - Wednesday each week and ship Tuesday - Thursday. We do not keep roasted inventory on hand.


Please note: you must apply to view pricing. Wholesale Hawaiian coffees range from $19 - $60/ lb and shipping outside of Hawaii is a separate cost.


  • 7 oz, 10 oz, 5 lb
  • Specialty-grade 100% Hawaiian coffee, starting at $19/lb
  • Specialty-grade non-Hawaiian coffees: direct trade, single origin, etc
  • Specialty-grade international blends: espresso blends, breakfast blends, etc.
  • Custom blending
  • Taste profile matching
  • Wholesale equipment 
  • Espresso Bites

    • Barista training: Espresso, milk foaming, latte art, machine maintenance
    • Pour over, French press, Aeropress, Melita, Clever brewer training
    • Water temperature and grind settings
    • Hawaii coffee proficiency
    • Sales team training
    • Equipment maintenance
    • Equipment services (customers only)
    • Coffee business success consulting
    • Roast training
    • Sensory training
    • Coffee varieties, processing, and farm terminology training
    • Q cupping and evaluation


    • Licensed Arabica Q Grader (coffee sommelier and judge)
    • SCA Coffee Roasting
    • SCA Coffee Brewing
    • SCA Barista Skills
    • SCA Green Coffee Analysis
    • Espresso Machine Tech Repair Certificate


    • Forbes "12 Best Coffee Roasters in the USA" (2018)
    • Coffee Review "Top 30 Coffees of 2019" Barrel Aged Puna (2019)
    • Forbes "World's Best Hotel Coffee is at Four Seasons Hualalai" (2018)
    • Hawaii 40 Under 40: for contributions in the Hawaii coffee industry (2017)
    • Grand Champion coffee, Hawaii Coffee Association (2013)
    • Coffee Review "Top 30 Coffees of 2013" Honeyed Yellow Caturra (2013)
    • edible Hawaii Magazine "Hawaii's Favorite Artisan Beverages" (2015)


    • Diverse specialty-grade Hawaiian coffees
    • Ethically produced international coffees (direct trade, espresso blends, etc)
    • Training and consultative opportunities
    • Coffees are roasted to order with date stamped on packages 
    • Japanese / English translated bag labels 


    • We do not accept Amazon resellers or discount stores
    • Our coffees must be cycled at a reasonable rate to maintain quality
    • We may require sales and barista team training

    To learn more about the conditions for becoming a wholesale partner, please apply.