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Kona Moon | 100% Kona Coffee

15 reviews
  • Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, hazelnut, graham cracker cookies; smooth and balanced
  • Origin: Kona coffee, Big Island
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For dark coffee lovers, our dark roast 100% Kona coffee - Kona Moon - comes from the same farm as our best-selling Kona Bloom and Kona Peaberry. These smooth, balanced, and sweet Kona coffee beans are unflavored and have real tasting notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, graham cracker, and cookies.

Compared with our other dark Hawaiian coffees, Kona Moon is a bit more chocolatey and smooth, while Ka'u Darkwood is spicier and Hamakua Stout Heart Dark [Sold out] has a fuller mouthfeel. 

After Kona Moon is milled, it undergoes three additional steps that elevate the quality and meets our expectations: optical sorting, grading, and storing in Grain-pro bags.

✓ Grading separates the Kona coffee into different sizes and removes some defects.
✓ Optical sorting removes discolored and damaged beans.
✓ Grain-pro storage protects the delicate coffee from Hawaii's humid environment.

In addition to harvesting only ripe, red Kona coffee cherry, these three steps separate exceptional specialty-grade Kona coffee from commodity-grade Kona coffee beans.

Farm: Kona Earth
Varietal: typica
Processing: washed
Perfect for: Enjoying black; press pot, cold brew

Cost per cup: $1.23, hand-harvested

Suggested brewing: Press pot. 1g coarse ground coffee to 16g at 200 F water. Add enough water to cover the grounds and let steep/bloom for 30 seconds, then add the remainder of the water (pouring it in a circular motion) and steep for an additional 3:15. Press and enjoy.

Kona Moon | 100% Kona Coffee, Dark Roast

コナ ムーン

100% コナコーヒー

ロースト:  ダーク



Orders are roasted Sunday-Thursday and shipped Monday-Friday. Roast dates are applied to your order.

  • U.S.P.S. Flat Rate is $5 and arrives within 5- 10 business days.
  • FedEx 2Day delivery is free on orders over $49. Upgraded priority shipping may be purchased at the time of checkout.

We cannot ship Fedex packages on Saturdays nor offer Saturday delivery.


Because Espresso Bites are made without stabilizers or preservatives, they may bloom or melt when shipping temperatures exceed 80 F. If this is a concern in your location please select FedEx shipping.

If you notice a white color to your bar, it's perfectly safe to eat. This happens when the cocoa butter softens and migrates to the surface. It happens more often when shipping in warm weather. Learn more about blooming.

Espresso Bites that melt or bloom when shipped via FedEx are eligible for a full refund or credit.

Espresso Bites that melt or bloom when the buyer elects Free Shipping or standard USPS are eligible for a credit.

If your order is incorrect or damaged in any way, please email us at with your order number within 7 days of receiving your order.


International shipping is available to most locations. Rates will be visible at checkout, and may include customs duties and taxes.


We stand behind the quality of all our coffees and want nothing more than for you to love them.

Please consider your preferences and ensure the coffee(s) you order align with those preferences. For example, if you love dark roasts, we strongly advise you only order dark roasts.

If you're dissatisfied with any of our coffees, please reach out to us at within 7 days of receipt and we'll do our best to find the right coffee for you. Please note that we do not provide refunds or returns for perishable products.

If your coffees arrive damaged, please send a photo of the box in the condition you received it within 7 days to We'll send a replacement.

If you receive the wrong items, please contact us within 7 days of receipt and we'll gladly provide a replacement or credit. We may request you mail it back for inspection and assessment.


We offer a 5% discount on auto-renew products. In order to be eligible for the discount, we require two shipments. You may swap to a second product if you are not satisfied with the first. This policy is to deter individuals from purchasing a subscription for a single shipment solely for discounts.


All merchandise and non-perishable, non-coffee items may be returned or exchanged within 14 days of receipt. Please reach out to us at and our team will be happy to facilitate. To be eligible for a full refund, items must be in original packaging and in new condition. Please include your full name and order number with the return.

Once your return is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund.

Please note: Only regular priced items may be refunded. Sale items cannot be refunded.

Roasted coffees are not eligible for refund. If you choose not to


Big Island Coffee Roasters, PO BOX 400, Mountain View, HI 96771

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Customer Reviews
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I recommend this product
The Real Deal!

This coffee is amazing! I’ve been looking for good Kona coffee since I left Hawaii 5 years ago and this is it! Just like what I had while on vacation because it’s really Kona coffee from Hawaii! It’s an expense I consciously choose and feel good about because in addition to the taste (which would be worth the price alone) I know that I’m supporting an American family business that uses beans grown by American coffee growers.

Karolyn B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • How did you brew this coffee? French Press
Sublime Coffee

In my considered opinion, the Kona Moon is the most fabulous coffee I have ever tasted.

azam k.
United States United States
I recommend this product
  • How did you brew this coffee? Using a french press.
This is AWESOME!

Excellent aromas, deep chocolates and excellent overtones of hazelnut.

Ed V.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Too delicious to believe

The smell and taste of these coffee beans are beyond compare. So fresh and so incredibly delicious. I made a pot with an ordinary drip maker and one with a French press--both were outstanding.

Jay N.
United States United States
the taste of the coffee is beyond compare!

The coffee beans are always freshly roasted, days before reaching my doorstep. Also, the taste of the coffee is beyond compare! I look forward to every sip of coffee. Mahalo

Stephanie D.
I’ve been a Big I

I’ve been a Big Island Coffee Roasters’ customer for years. Their coffee is the best I’ve found (and I’ve tried a lot!), their choices varied and tasty (I love chocolate and toffee) and the freshness is second to none! ...and their service is the cherry on top. Can you tell I am a loyal fan?

Jeffrey D.

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Kona Moon

What Makes 100% Kona Dark Roast Coffee So Delicious?

For coffee connoisseurs, Kona coffee is one of the best-tasting coffees in the world. But what makes it so delicious is what also makes it expensive, such as the precise balance of climate, weather and soil. After all, Kona coffee is only grown in the rich soil of the Big Island -- and only 100 percent Kona coffees are able to be called "Kona."

1. Kona Coffee Is 100% Pure

Like certain spirits that only come from a specific region of the world, Kona coffee has many imitators but no equals. In fact, Kona coffees that are mixed with other coffees are actually called Kona blends, but it says nothing about how much Kona coffee is found inside. Some unscrupulous sellers may only have trace amounts of Kona coffee within. 

While many might think that a Kona blend is an amalgamation of different Kona coffees, it actually means that only about 10 percent of the blend is Kona. As to what's in the remaining 90 percent, it's safe to say that it's likely whatever else they could get their hands on. That means the first requirement for a great-tasting cup of Kona coffee is a 100 percent Kona coffee -- no blends or imitations need apply.

2. The Kona Coffee Belt Is the Perfect Place To Grow Coffee 

With over 200 years of history in Hawaii, Kona coffee has found an ideal home in the volcanic hills of the Kona region. With a mix of sunshine and shade, as well as comfortable temperatures during the day and night, Kona coffee gets just the right climate to get the most out of the Kona coffee bean.

High altitudes also give Kona coffee its distinctive yet mild taste, and regular rains make sure that the plants don't dry out or get too warm in the Hawaii sun. The porous, volcanic soil is also ideal for quickly wicking away excess water. Taken all together, it's this ideal mix that helps Kona coffee dial up the rich flavor.

3. Dark Roast Kona Coffees Are Full of Bold Flavors

Unlike light and medium roasts that provide a subtle and complex flavor, dark roast Kona coffees, like other dark roast coffees, are full-bodied and bold with a straight flavor profile and low acidity that is great for mixing with milks and creams and suits the preferences of most coffee drinkers. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer more subtle notes in the coffee you drink, you may enjoy a medium or light roast. 

Comparing the Different Types of Kona Coffee

As mentioned earlier, not all Kona coffees are the real deal.

A Kona roast has the least to do with real Kona coffee, and likely contains no Kona coffee inside at all. There's really no such thing as a Kona roast from a manufacturing perspective, and unsavory sellers have started to cash in on the Kona name with so-called "Kona blends." Suffice it to say that this term is about as valuable as the paper it's written on.

Similarly, Kona style is another faux brewing term that is being used today to sell lesser coffee beans and roasts. Unless it mentions the amount of Kona coffee included (commonly 10 or 100 percent), there's likely no Kona coffee within.

Kona blends tend to only have 10 percent Kona coffee, a legal requirement that mandates that any Kona blend maintain at least a 10 percent mixture of real Kona coffee. While Kona blends may contain more than 10 percent Kona coffee, they rarely, if ever, do so.

By comparison, 100 percent Kona coffee contains only Kona coffee beans with no exceptions or substitutions. 

The Stages of Coffee Roasting

Straight from the coffee plant, coffee beans are more green than the tans and browns you're likely used to. That's because the roasting process is used to add complex flavors to the coffee beans -- flavors that will be released again during the brewing process. In fact, you can try your hand at roasting coffee at home if you purchase raw coffee beans.

For most, they choose to leave it up to the professionals, which roast coffee beans in either a drum or hot-air roaster. The first stage of roasting brings the coffee bean to a light pale or white. No changes have yet taken place chemically, but under heat the color starts to shift.

In the second stage of roasting, the coffee beans shift into an orange or tan color in addition to undergoing caramelization. From a more grassy smell to a sweeter, more savory smell, roasting continues until it hits the third stage, which is accompanied by an audible crack that denotes a "light roast."

In the fourth stage of roasting up until the second crack, tastes are shifting wildly as the roasting process imparts more flavor and richness. Removing the coffee beans from the roasting process after the first crack but before the second gives you a medium roast, while removing the beans after the second crack denotes dark roast coffee.