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2020: Hawaii Entrepreneurs of the Year, CPG Category

2019: Coffee Review "Top 30 Coffees" list for Barrel Aged Puna

2019: "Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers"

2018: $25,000 HI Plan winner for Espresso Bites!

2018: Forbes "Top 12 Roasters in the USA"

2018: Forbes “Worlds Best Hotel Coffee is at the Four Seasons Hualalai”

2017: Hawaii 40 Under 40

2015: Voted "Hawaii’s Favorite Artisan Beverage" by edible Hawaii Island readers.

2014: Earn Hawaii Senate Certificate

2013: Puna Honeyed Yellow Caturra in Coffee Review’s "Top 30 Coffees of 2013" list

2013: Grand Champion coffee in the state of Hawaii



To some people, Hawaiian coffee is a souvenir, a gimmicky gift with a famous name but a not-so-great flavor. The reason for that is that some Hawaiian coffee farmers are passing off inauthentic, artificially-flavored, counterfeit beans as the real deal--real Kona coffee that is something out of this world. Just as the term “champagne” can only be applied to wine in a specific place in France, Kona coffee can only be called “Kona coffee” if it’s grown in a certain part of Hawaii, which makes it rare. In order to sell as much of it as they can, many producers will blend it with Columian or Brazilian coffees, leaving only 10% Kona in their blends. So while it’s technically called Kona coffee, it’s not the true Hawaiian coffee that’s raved about the world over.

Big Island Coffee Roasters take a different approach: our goal is 100% blends with flavors of different varieties of beans from all over the islands. Our beans are diverse, each one telling a story of the earth that it came from and the people who cultivated it. We mill small batches, roast them to order, and deliver it at specialty grades.