The traditional variety, Kona Typica, is responsible for the balanced, sweet, and slightly floral tasting notes of great Kona coffee. With lighter roast Kona you’ll find notes of stone fruit and cocoa butter, whereas dark roasted Kona will result in a more chocolatey and nutty cup. Our roasting team decides the roast degree to bring out and enhance certain flavor profiles, hence the difference tasting notes found within each roast level. 

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Deep in Hawaii’s lush volcanic jungles, Māmaki  grows both wild and cultivated. It's a delicious native plant that is both restorative to your body and benefits Hawaii's native rainforest. Learn how it tastes, how to brew, and where to buy pesticide-free Mamaki Tea.
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Don't get fooled into buying stale or counterfeit Kona coffee. If you want to know where to buy real Kona coffee while vacationing in Hawaii, or while shopping online, these 10 tips are for you.
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Do you have organic Hawaiian coffees? Are they GMO or Fair Trade? What does Specialty mean? These are great questions deserving of thoughtful answers.

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