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Origin: Maui
Roast: Medium-Dark
Tasting Notes: Dense dark chocolate, roasted walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose; full-bodied


We're thrilled about the re-arrival of this Maui Mokka® coffee, one of our most-requested coffees. It's heavy-bodied, fudgy, and fragrant. It needs neither milk nor sugar, yet it can hold up to both. Compared to our 100% Kona Coffee, Maui coffees tend to be nuttier and have fewer fruit-like tasting notes. 

Mokka is a Maui coffee well-suited to its trademarked name: Maui Mokka®. There's speculation that these tiny beans are the result of a spontaneous cross of an heirloom Yemenis Mokha with a Maui Typica.

Because of the origin and tiny size, we roast this coffee a bit differently to bring out the full-bodied, chocolatey tasting notes. Now it’s a favorite of those who prefer slightly darker roasts, often receiving customer reviews like this:

“While all of the coffee we've ordered from your site is excellent, the best of the best coffee is Maui Mokka”

It's sometimes assumed that a larger bean size will augment cup quality - the bigger the bean, the better the quality. We haven't found this to be the truth. In fact, Mokka is the contrarian of the coffee world: these tiny beans captured coveted first place in the 2014 Hawaii Cupping Competition, becoming the best Hawaiian coffee in commercial division entrants. Maui Mokka beans are not only petite but are also differently shaped. They are somewhat roundish, like pearls - a departure from the typical oval-shaped coffee beans most know.

Because the Mokka coffee beans are so small, they can be quite challenging to harvest and roast. Yields can also be light. So, why grow Maui Mokka? Simple: it’s elegant, with notes of chocolate, rose, and baking spice.


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    Maui Mokka

    Brew Guide: Maui Mokka with a French Press

    A step by step guide on how to brew perfect French press coffee with Maui Mokka.

    What you'll need:

    French Press
    Burr Grinder

    Watch the video here.

    Maui Mokka

    A Hawaiian Coffee That Holds Its Own 

    There are many types of world-renowned Hawaiian coffees that have made their mark in coffee shops across the world and in the homes of coffee lovers everywhere. One such Hawaiian coffee is the Maui Mokka variety - a coffee found in Maui, which is an island renowned for many things. 

    However, first things first, as this is not just another Hawaiian coffee. It’s an anomaly, but it’s delightfully so. A deviation from the normal, it’s a type of coffee that holds its own, whether it is in terms of size, shape, or taste. 

    Delightfully Tasty With Chocolate Flavors and Other Notes

    The Maui Mokka coffee bean is small, roundish in shape, and it possesses an assortment of chocolate flavors. That’s how this particular type of Hawaiian coffee is a rarity and what leads to a taste that makes it so special. 

    Whether you’re a coffee lover, chocolate junkie, or an ardent fan of both chocolate and coffee (Choco-coffee), you’re sure to relish every tiny drop of Maui coffee.

    Far-Reaching History of the Maui Mokka

    The petite and round Maui Mokka berries have made it thus far through several centuries of history and across thousands of miles. They’ve traveled far and wide to stand where they are today - the undisputedly rare coffee beans that have created a stir in many coffee cups!

    Our story takes us to Mokha, a Yemeni port in the Middle East - the hub of the coffee trade from the 15th to the 18th century. When the Ottoman Turks invaded Yemen, the popularity of coffee gradually soared and spread, all the way to Europe. Apparently Europeans began associating the coffee from Mokha with chocolate and gave birth to the term “mocha” - a term that all coffee lovers are familiar with today!

    But that’s not where it all seemingly began. Although Yemen was the first to cultivate the mokka coffee plant that produces the much-appreciated Maui coffee, it apparently has its earliest origins in Ethiopia. 

    Much later, in 1986, an analysis was conducted at Pioneer Mill Company to identify some coffee varieties, one of which was “Tall Mokka”, a hybrid of Yemeni Mokka and Typica imported from Brazil. The test at Ka‘anapali Estate (its current name) yielded four varieties: Mokka, Red Catuai, Yellow Caturra, and Typica. However it wasn’t until 1996 that the company harvested its first season of Maui Mokka after which it shut down. James Falconer then started the MauiGrown Coffee company to revive the Maui coffee production.

    Big Island Coffee Roasters’ Maui Mokka - the Champagne of Coffee

    Our Maui Mokka coffee can be quite a tease. It offers just enough hints of some of the best flavors - a little bit of this and a little bit of that! It captivates, stuns, mesmerizes, and pulls you in all at once with its delightful coffee aroma that is slightly astringent, somewhat sweet, faintly spicy, and a little bit floral. But it’s not all coffee. 

    Now don’t get us wrong, all you coffee lovers! It’s one of the purest types of coffees you’ll ever likely stumble upon, but it’s inherently and slightly laced with just a smidgen of other refreshing notes that give it its one-of-a-kind flavor and taste profile.

    We’re extremely happy to present Maui Mokka - a full-bodied Maui coffee with a subtle flavor combined with a unique taste. It interweaves a range of notes that include some hints of dense dark chocolate, a few notes of rose, some notes of roasted walnuts, some notes that offer a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, and … finally venti-size doses of pure excellence in a cup. 

    Tried A Cup of Maui Coffee Yet? 

    As one of the most acclaimed Maui coffee companies, Big Island Coffee Roasters is proud to present the Maui Mokka - the best Maui coffee. Our team of Maui coffee roasters is highly skilled and committed to providing one of the most uplifting and flavorful Kona coffees from Maui.  Get ready for the ultimate Maui coffee experience!