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Big Island Coffee Roasters

Large Gift Box


This vintage map gift box is an add-on to you order. The box can hold up to 4 x 10 oz bags of coffee or 2 x 10 oz bags and an Aloha Hugs mug or Big Island travel bottle.

This gift box, a map of the Hawaii islands, compliments the variety of single origin 100% Hawaiian coffees the recipient could receive, from Kona to Ka’u, and Puna to O’ahu.

The exterior has a map of the islands and a phrase “MADE WITH ☀ & ♡ IN HAWAII”. The interior has a map of the Big Island coffee growing regions and the phrase “Wild & Beautiful Hawaiian Coffees for Wild & Beautiful People.”

“Wild and beautiful” is a phrase we use to describe our coffees, beliefs and the community culture at Big Island Coffee Roasters. It’s a statement against commodification and towards diversity of agriculture, people, places & beliefs. It’s a celebration of that which is unconventional.