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This isn't your everyday Kona coffee subscription.
Enjoy new 100% Kona & Hawaiian coffees each month, ShIPPED FREE.

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A Club For Adventurous Coffee Lovers

Unique Coffees Each Month

You'll enjoy the widest array of 100% Hawaiian coffees worldwide. From Kona Red Bourbon to Kauai Yellow Caturra, members enjoy unique, new Hawaiian & Kona coffees each month.

Curated To Your Taste

From light roast to dark, choose your favorite roast level and grind preference, and the featured Hawaiian coffees will arrive fresh roasted and curated to your taste.  

Always Shipped Free

Shipping is always free, delivered on a 4 week schedule, and arrives fresh roasted. Need to skip a month or add to your subscription? It's easy to do.




Frequently Asked Questions


The Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club subscription is for coffee drinkers who are adventurous, excited by coffee, and looking to try some complex and unusual flavors.

Because Hawaii is home to more than 900 small coffee farms, we often find great lots that are too small in volume for us to offer publicly. Instead, we reserve these for our club members. Those in our Explorers Club and Roasters Club receive the richest variety.

Each month, members of our Coffee of the Month Club receive new coffees from Hawaii that are:

DIVERSE: You can expect different islands, processing methods, and coffee varieties each month – all 100% coffee from Hawaii.

PERSONALIZED:Choose your favorite roast profile and how you want your beans to be ground.

FRESH: As we’re a Hawaiian coffee company, our beans are incredibly fresh. They are milled and roasted on the Big Island, with the roast date visible on each bag. Unlike fresh roasting, fresh milling is a process that less than 0.25% of roasters in the world are able to provide, as beans are usually milled in the country where they are grown. Ultimately, this means our selection is fresh when it’s delivered to you, and tastes delicious when you brew it!

SPECIALTY-GRADE:As an expert Hawaiian coffee company, we spend time seeking out Hawaii's top coffees, and roast them in a way that preserves their unique qualities.


Here's an example of Hawaiian coffees sent to members in past year:

Ka'u Maragogipe
Honeyed Kona
Kauai Catuai
Hamakua Mahina & Hamakua Stout Heart Dark
Kona Hills Peaberry (94 points)
Mokka Peaberry
Honeyed Oahu Waialua & Waialua Twilight
High elevation Kona Caturra

What other benefits do members receive?

MONTHLY OFFERS: Before each month's shipment, members receive an email with an opportunity to add additional items onto their order at a reduced price.

FREE SHIPPING: The Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club always ships free.

PRIVATE SALES & EARLY ACCESS TO LIMITED PRODUCTS: When micro-lots are too small to include in the club, or popular and seasonal favorites return, members may receive private invitations and/or early access to buy them.

Will I receive 2 of the same coffees in 1 shipment, or twice in a row?

No, you will not receive two of the same coffees at the same roast profile in one shipment.

Occasionally, we send “roast flights”, which means we ship the same coffee roasted differently. This allows you to experience the same coffee but at a range of different roast levels.

And while you won't receive the same coffee twice in a row, you might receive it more than once in a year.


Members' coffees are roasted between the 27th and the 29th, and arrive during the first week of each month.

Please note:

New members that sign up on or before the 26th of the month at 9PM HST will receive their first shipment on cycle (within the first week of the following month).

New members that sign up after the 26th will have their order held until the next cycle.

If you need coffee immediately, please place a separate order, as all club coffees ship at the same time.

Example of the order cycle for new members:

If you place your first order on January 25th, you'll receive your first shipment between Feb 1st and 7th.

If you place your first order on January 27th, you'll receive your first shipment between March 1st and 7th.

How many coffees are in each shipment?

Each bag sent through the Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club is 10oz. and includes free shipping.

There are different tiers, allowing you to tailor for how much coffee you want per month:

Tasters Club:1 bag / month

Cuppers Club: 2 bags / month

Explorers Club: 3 bags / month

Roasters Club: 4 bags / month

Each bag in the Barrel-Aged Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club includes 10 oz of barrel-aged Hawaiian coffee.


Members agree to two shipments, after which they can cancel at any time.

Members can also swap, downgrade, upgrade or skip a shipment at any time.


International shipping is available to most locations via USPS, FedEx or UPS. Listed ratesdo not customs duties and taxes.

TASTERS CLUB - 1 bag: $12.95
CUPPERS & EXPLORERS CLUB - 2 & 3 bags: $15.95
ROASTERS CLUB - 4 bags: $19.95

Everywhere else:
TASTERS CLUB - 1 bag: $17.95
CUPPERS & EXPLORERS CLUB - 2 & 3 bags: $19.95
ROASTERS CLUB - 4 bags: $24.95

How can I skip, swap, add to, cancel my subscription, or update my credit card?

1. Log into your account here.

2. Click “Manage Subscriptions”.

3. From here you can reactivate, cancel, add items, skip a shipment, swap membership levels, or update billing details.

Hawaiian Coffee of the Month Club


1 Hawaiian Coffee Monthly ~ 21 cups

Cuppers CLUB | $68

2 Hawaiian Coffees Monthly ~ 42 cups

Explorers CLUB | $99

3 Hawaiian Coffees Monthly ~ 63 cups

Roasters CLUB | $135

4 Hawaiian Coffees Monthly ~ 84 cups

Barrel AgeD CLUB | $38

1 Barrel Aged Hawaiian Coffee Monthly ~ 21 cups