How to make great Japanese iced coffee with Maui Mellow

Learn how to make your own Japanese iced coffee or flash brew with our Maui Mellow.

Japanese Iced Brewed Coffee

Japanese iced coffee, also known as flash brew, is one of my favorite ways to make iced coffee. You can make it fresh when you want it without having to plan ahead. Besides the instant gratification, flash brewing can produce a clean and flavorful cup. This can be difficult to achieve for iced coffee, but because this method uses hot water, you’ll find some of the more delicate flavor notes expressed in the cup.

What you'll need:

  • 35 g of Maui Mellow
  • ~335 g of filtered water
  • ~165 g of ice
  • Pour over brewer
  • Carafe
  • Grinder
  • Scale
  • Kettle

This recipe comes in around a 1:14 ratio (1 gram of coffee for every ~14 grams of water) because it is meant to be served over fresh ice. The ice will dilute the coffee slightly. If you prefer a chilled brew without ice, I recommend using 32 g of Maui Mellow instead.


  1. Heat filtered water to 205º F or 96º C.
  2. Prepare your filter. If using a V60 filter, fold along the seams.
  3. Rinse the filter with unheated water.
  4. Add ~165 g of ice to your carafe.
  5. Measure 35 g of Maui Mellow coffee.
  6. Grind the coffee at a medium-fine setting.
  7. Pour the coffee into the brewer and level the coffee bed by giving it a shake.
  8. Pour 70 g of hot water and allow the coffee to bloom for 40 seconds.
  9. Give the coffee a stir during bloom to ensure grounds are wet.
  10. After the 40-second bloom, pour the remaining 265 g of hot water in a circular motion.
  11. Allow coffee to draw down.
  12. After drawdown, swirl the carafe until all ice has dissolved.

Serve over fresh ice and enjoy!