How to Brew using a Clever Immersion Coffee Dripper with Ka’u Giant Maragogipe

A step by step guide on how to brew Hawaiian coffee with a Clever Immersion Coffee Dripper. Using Ka'u Giant Maragogipe, 100% Ka'u coffee from Big Island Coffee Roasters.

Coffee Dripper Brew Guide

What you'll need:

  • Kettle
  • Scale
  • Burr Grinder
  • Coffee Dripper w/Melitta filter
  • Coffee


  1. Fold filter along the seams and place in the dripper.
  2. Rinse with hot water to remove paper taste.
  3. Preheat your mug or brewing vessel with hot water.
  4. Measure out 25g of freshly roasted coffee (about 3 tbsp.)
  5. Grind coffee to medium size consistency.
  6. Place Clever Dripper on scale, add grounds to dripper, and gently shake to level out the coffee bed.
  7. Start your timer and immediately pour 375g, about 12oz., of hot water.
  8. Use a 15:1 ratio of water to coffee; 375g of water to 25g of coffee.
  9. Pour water aggressively making sure to saturate all of the grounds.
  10. Place the lid on Dripper and let brew for 2 min.
  11. After 2 min. remove lid and stir gently a few times around, breaking the crust of coffee floating on top. This helps all of the coffee extract evenly.
  12. Place the dripper on top of your brewing vessel to start the draw down.
  13. All of the water should finish draining in 1:00-1:30 min., for a total brew time of about 3:00-3:30 min.
  14. When finished draining, remove the dripper and discard filter.
  15. Pour coffee into your cup and enjoy!