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Featured Sept 2020 in the Wild Hawaii Coffee Club. | Kona Geisha has earned both Grand Champion the statewide Hawaii Cupping Competition and 1st place in the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, as the best Kona coffee of 2018. 

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The mokka coffee variety is distinguished by its petite, round berries and chocolatey flavors. Yes, “mokka” and “mocha” are related, but the reason they are related goes back to the Middle East, specifically to the Yemeni port of Mokha.
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This month we're featuring a unique, jammy, and fruit-forward Hawaiian coffee called Ka'u Cloud Natural produced by Miles of Silver Cloud Coffee Farm, whose coffees won 1st place in the Ka'u District in 2019!

Natural processed coffees are harvested and then dried fully intact as a whole fruit. What results is a deeply fruited, full-bodied, exotic coffee experience. 

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This exceptional coffee from a high elevation farm in Wood Valley of Ka’u is the very definition of specialty Hawaiian coffee. Meet the young and passionate couple who've produced it, Alla and Rus. Quite honestly, it's among the best Ka'u coffees we've had the pleasure to serve.

Wood Valley Single Estate was featured in the Wild Hawaiian Coffee Club June 2020.

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Here’s a visual guide of the journey that vertically integrated Hawaiian coffee takes in getting to your cup.
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Big Island videographers Tay & Mckay tour Big Island Coffee Roasters' vertically integrated farmstead on a relaxed, rainy harvest season day. 
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When it comes to understanding coffee production statistics in Hawaii, it’s important to look for trends in the data. Each season yields a certain amount of coffee cherry and green bean, making it possible for growers to look for patterns and try to understand how their farms might perform in future years. Taking a look at each season and each region separately is crucial to this understanding, so let’s break it down, piece by piece.
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Here are 3 tips for reducing the carbon footprint of your daily coffee. Plus, a breakdown of coffeeʻs carbon footprint in Hawaii and beyond.
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A few weeks ago we received a good question about how rainfall affects coffee production, quality, and growth. For Puna coffee lovers, it's a pertinent question. This blog is a part of the Because You Asked series.
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Each month we share new Hawaiian coffees with our Wild Coffee Lovers club members. On this month members enjoyed an elegant Puna coffee few have tried, and not found outside of this club: "Accidental Coffee Farm".
This post captures the backstory.
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The Grand Champion of the 2013 Hawaii Statewide Cupping Competition: Puna Pink Bourbon! This post is from a series of letters sent to members of our Hawaiian Coffee Lovers Subscription
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For just a few short days the farm fills with an intoxicating perfume of jasmine, and we have a limited window to quickly & carefully harvest the delicate flowers for coffee blossom tea.
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While we don't choose to use conventional pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides on our coffee, we profoundly understand why one would. When a farmer is deciding on how to resist a fungus or a pest, making the wrong choice can literally cost a farmer his/her livelihood.
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Too often we hear producers claim their Hawaiian coffee is organic, when we know that it's not. In fact, very few Hawaiian coffee farms are organic, and it comes as no surprise that terms like "organic coffee" and "shade grown" can significantly boost sales.

In this post we plainly describe our current farming practices and provide stories about our experiences.
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Shopping for a new drip brewer? There are hundreds you shouldn't buy, but only a few you should.
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It's the Hawaii tourist brochures won’t show you. Known best for its molten lava, and certainly not it's Hawaiian coffee. This is the wild West. This is Puna.
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Under what circumstances will Hawai’i allow the use of its name and branding power on a bag of coffee? The answer is up to you
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