What Does Kona Coffee Taste Like?

The traditional variety, Kona Typica, is responsible for the balanced, sweet, and slightly floral tasting notes of great Kona coffee. With lighter roast Kona you’ll find notes of stone fruit and cocoa butter, whereas dark roasted Kona will result in a more chocolatey and nutty cup. Our roasting team decides the roast degree to bring out and enhance certain flavor profiles, hence the difference tasting notes found within each roast level. 

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Kona Coffee Tasting Notes & Flavor: 

Kona Coffees typically lend themselves to fruity and floral tasting notes, with a balanced, nutty, and sweet cup profile. Below are expanded examples of what consumers can find within each tasting note.

  • Floral refers to flavor profiles such as jasmine, rose, chamomile, and even black tea. Think delicate, light, and sweet.
  • Fruity flavors like blackberry, cherry, pear, and orange are common in a 100% light-roasted Kona Coffee.
  • Spice flavors are warm and comforting. You’ll likely pick up notes of brown sugar, pepper, nutmeg, and cinnamon on the finish. 
  • Nutty is a commonly found flavor profile across many darker roasted coffees and often gives the cup a balanced finish. Nutty coffees may taste like chocolate, hazelnut, and almond.
  • Sweet tasting notes are often linked to flavors like vanilla, brown sugar, honey, and caramel. Coffees with sweet notes are often approachable and versatile. 

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What's the Ideal Kona Coffee Growing Condition and Climate?

Like many agricultural crops, coffee’s unique flavor profile can often be attributed to theplace it’s grown. Hawaii's Kona region is famous for producing some of the world's most celebrated coffee and as a result, Kona coffees have the highest demand in the region. This is almost completely credited to its remarkable terroir. Here you’ll find dramatic volcanic slopes, combined with sunny days and cool nights; the winning combination makes for an ideal microclimate for cultivating premium coffee. 

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What Does Our Kona Coffee Taste Like?

Kona coffees often have a greater density of flavor compared to other offerings. The end taste is largely dependent on the processing technique and roast level. With medium-light Konas, you’ll find brighter, sweeter, and more delicate flavors. Darker roasts result in a chocolate and nutty cup profile. Big Island Coffee Roasters has a spectrum of beautiful Kona Coffees for all types of coffee lovers!

  • Our award-winning coffee, Kona Peaberry, is rich-toned and deeply sweet, making it versatile to all types of coffee drinkers. Its cup profile is layered with notes of black cherry, maple syrup, and a hint of thyme. Thisstructure creates a beautiful harmony of flavors, with a lush mouthfeel.
  • In the cup, Kona Bloom is reminiscent of honey-butter, toffee, cacao, and stone fruit. The sweet taste has a clean mouthfeel. This would be a great choice for those who prefer brighter flavors.
  • For those looking for a rich, comforting cup, our smooth and balanced dark roast Kona Moon is the perfect match. Its cup has a warming finish, marked by notes of chocolate, hazelnut, and graham cracker.


Deciding which coffee is best for you is a journey, and a really fun one! Our recommendation is to start with what looks good to you and branch out from there. Kona Coffees are a great starting point because they provide a range of flavor experience. Big Island Coffee Roasters has a diverse menu of Kona coffees as well as delightful coffees from across Hawai’i.