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In Hawaii, farmers earn 30-60% of the price you pay for coffee. Outside of Hawaii, commercial coffee farmers earn as low as 5%. 

The answer to the question "why is the price of 100% Kona coffee so high?" starts with answering this: "Why are non-Hawaiian coffees priced so damn low?"

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This is a special post for home coffee roasters about roasting green Kona and Hawaiian coffee at home. | Treating Hawaiian coffee in the same way as green coffee beans from other origins will often lead to grainy or sharp flavors in the cup. To avoid this...
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This is a story of an unprecedented undertaking, tension and redemption. Now, at 94 points, this is one of the highest scoring traditional Kona coffees available. It's a top tier version of quintessential Kona coffee. Kona coffee times 10, produced through data-driven farming, teamwork, and precise roasting.
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If you’re a coffee aficionado, you’ve likely seen “peaberry” coffee around. Contrary to popular belief, peaberry is not a coffee variety. Peaberry is a description of the coffee bean itself, and peaberries spontaneously appear on all coffee trees and varieties. To truly understand the peaberry, we need to look at the anatomy of coffee.
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Featured Sept 2020 in the Wild Hawaii Coffee Club. | Kona Geisha has earned both Grand Champion the statewide Hawaii Cupping Competition and 1st place in the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival, as the best Kona coffee of 2018. 

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Counterfeit and 10% Hawaiian blends are successful only by virtue of the brands they exploit. And those brands have been earned through the very hard work of many farmers and retailers over the course of several years.
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