Coffee Varieties Storybook Giftbox

Grind: Whole Bean

Coffee Varieties of Hawai’i Storybook 

We designed this limited edition gift box to be wild, beautiful, and bookish. It tells the story, experientially, of agriculture, craftsmanship, and innovation in Hawai’i. The box itself can be re-gifted, held as a keepsake, or recycled.

Rare 100% Kona Laurina - 4 oz, medium light
94 point Kona Peaberry - 4 oz, medium light
100% Maui Mokka -  4 oz, medium dark
5 x Single Serve Hawaiian Coffees
1 x Classic Espresso Bites
Hawaiian Coffee Lip Balm
Keepsake and recyclable Storybook Gift Box
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100% Kona Laurina (4oz, medium light)

Laurina is a very rare variety with naturally low caffeine, a pointed shape, and dense fruity flavor.

This particular lot of Laurina, grown in Kona by Kraig Lee, offers a one of a kind experience not only due to its genetic heritage but also by virtue of the innovative processing technique Kraig utilizes. Kona Laurina was pulped and then fermented with a wine yeast (K1-V1116) for 48 hours. This style of controlled fermentation produces a cup redolent of dried fig, cranberries, praline liqueur, Granny Smith apple, and tea rose. And the best part: The lower caffeine levels make this coffee easy to indulge without jitters.  

As delightful as this coffee is, due to the low yield the producer decided to remove the trees. Meaning that when we’re out, it’s gone for good.

100% Kona Peaberry, 94pt (4 oz, medium-light)

Tasting Notes: Honeysuckle, caramel, black cherry, plum

Sought after for its flavor, rarity and intensity, Kona Peaberry is a dense pea-shaped bean that spontaneously grows on a coffee tree in Kona. Similar to a 4-leaf clover, approx. 2-4 beans out of 100 are peaberries. Because only one peaberry can grow in a coffee cherry, all the nutrients of that cherry are devoted to one bean instead of two. And thanks to its shape, it roasts evenly in the roaster.

100% Maui Mokka (4 oz, medium dark)

Tasting Notes: Dense dark chocolate, roasted walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose; full-bodied

These tiny beans are the result of a spontaneous cross of heirloom Yemen Mokha and Maui Typica. Because it's one of the tiniest varieties in the world, we use a different roasting technique to bring out the full-bodied and natural chocolate characteristics this variety is known for.

1 x Classic Espresso Bites 

We began Espresso Bites as a riff on local chocolate making techniques. While they look and taste like chocolate, they contain none at all -- it's Hawai'i coffee in the form of a bar! You can enjoy these innovative treats by the bite, or stir them in hot water for coffee-to-go.

5 x Single Serve Hawai'i Coffee 

Packaged in fully-compostable packets, these single serve Hawai’i coffees are perfect for busy people, travelers, gifting, or when you’re the sole coffee drinker in the house. Add hot water, steep and go!

1 x Hawai'i Coffee Lip Balm 

This treat for your lips (and whomever you kiss) is made with 100% Hawai'i coffee and organic oils.

Descriptive Coffee Card

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