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We're delighted to offer our 100% Hawaiian coffees, Espresso Bites, mugs and teas for your corporate gift ideas for employees or clients! We make it easy for you to send any number of Hawaiian gifts that are thoughtful, and delicious! Show your aloha to clients, partners, prospects, or team members, and get started on your corporate gifting.
Hawaiian Coffee Corporate Gifting | Big Island Coffee Roasters

We can accommodate your budget and offer a variety of sizes and local products customized to your needs, including:

Hawaiian Coffees
4 oz - 10 oz packages
100% Kona coffee, 100% Ka'u coffee, 100% Maui coffee, 100% Hawaiian blends

Espresso Bites: Unique Hawaiian coffee bars
Classic, Molokai Sea Salt, or Latte Espresso Bites 

Merchandise & Tea
Organic Hawaiian coffee lip balm, Aloha Hugs mugs, Big Island insulated travel bottles, Volcano-grown Māmaki tea

Decorated Gift Boxes
Small and large

+ affordable shipping


Hawaiian Coffee Sample Packs