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Question: "Hi guys, I have a client here I’m sharing your coffee with, and she started talking about mold and mycotoxin-free beans which are supposedly sold by Bulletproof Coffee / Dave Asprey, etc.

What are your thoughts on mold in relation to coffee? Thank you."

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This is a story of an unprecedented undertaking, tension and redemption. Now, at 94 points, this is one of the highest scoring traditional Kona coffees available. It's a top tier version of quintessential Kona coffee. Kona coffee times 10, produced through data-driven farming, teamwork, and precise roasting.
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The biggest lie in Hawaiian coffee affects growers and buyers alike.  Over time it leads to poor quality, a poor reputation, and low pricing. It's a race to the bottom that makes farming unsustainable and evaporates trust. And that’s what we’re trying to change.

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This month we're featuring a unique, jammy, and fruit-forward Hawaiian coffee called Ka'u Cloud Natural produced by Miles of Silver Cloud Coffee Farm, whose coffees won 1st place in the Ka'u District in 2019!

Natural processed coffees are harvested and then dried fully intact as a whole fruit. What results is a deeply fruited, full-bodied, exotic coffee experience. 

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Counterfeit and 10% Hawaiian blends are successful only by virtue of the brands they exploit. And those brands have been earned through the very hard work of many farmers and retailers over the course of several years.
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