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This is a special post for home coffee roasters about roasting green Kona and Hawaiian coffee at home. | Treating Hawaiian coffee in the same way as green coffee beans from other origins will often lead to grainy or sharp flavors in the cup. To avoid this...
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This month we're featuring a unique, jammy, and fruit-forward Hawaiian coffee called Ka'u Cloud Natural produced by Miles of Silver Cloud Coffee Farm, whose coffees won 1st place in the Ka'u District in 2019!

Natural processed coffees are harvested and then dried fully intact as a whole fruit. What results is a deeply fruited, full-bodied, exotic coffee experience. 

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This exceptional coffee from a high elevation farm in Wood Valley of Ka’u is the very definition of specialty Hawaiian coffee. Meet the young and passionate couple who've produced it, Alla and Rus. Quite honestly, it's among the best Ka'u coffees we've had the pleasure to serve.

Wood Valley Single Estate was featured in the Wild Hawaiian Coffee Club June 2020.

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