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And the winner is… “Accidental Coffee Farm”

Hawaii Coffee Subscription - Pink Bourbon

In October 2015's Hawaiian coffee subscription, coffee club members received an "accidental" coffee grown at 2000' feet in Glenwood, Hawai'i. It became the 2015 Hawai'i District Winner & took 6th in the state. 

Aloha from the farm                                

This month you’ll be enjoying an east Hawaii coffee few have tried, and you’ll not likely find anywhere else.

It’s also the coffee which received 1st place in the Hawaii district within the annual statewide cupping competition, and 6th overall in the state (of around 100 entries): “Accidental Coffee Farm” from Glenwood.

You’re probably wondering about the name, and it’s a funny story…

We’ve been close friends with the coffee hobbyist (Ron) for years, and over the years we’ve helped him transform his malnourished trees into deep, green bushes of cherry. (Most of our conversations happen on exhausted Friday nights, over cheap local beer, so it’s a wonder anything substantive gets relayed.) The lot is ultra small -- only a few hundred fruiting Caturra trees, and a couple Typica scattered around.

You may already know that we’re on the Board of Directors for the Hawaii Coffee Association.  Well, last year we served on the cupping committee for the H.C.A.’s annual cupping competition. While preparing for the event we learned that very few coffee farmers had submitted their coffees for the annual competition, and the deadline was approaching fast. So we pressured many  of our farmer friends to enter, including Ron.

Pressuring Ron was easy. His coffee is stored in our warehouse, so, really,  he didn’t have much of a choice :) Plus we’d pulped, processed, dried, monitored and stored his coffee, so we knew it was in good condition. We even filled-out his competition paperwork! But when it came to giving his coffee farm a name, we asked him, then he thought for a second and scribbled “ACCIDENTAL COFFEE FARM”.

Had he imagined that name engraved on a plaque, he might have thought more carefully…

Accidental Coffee Farm Hawaii


There are a precious few people who would care to farm coffee - or anything at all - in this chronically overcast, rain-saturated, sandy-soiled, rusty mountain town called Glenwood. At 2000 feet, it’s a place where the days are cool and the evenings are cold. Not very Hawaiian. Yet it’s precisely because of these reasons that Glenwood coffee grows dense with flavors and characteristics completely unlike the classic Hawaiian coffees.

To bring out a heavier body and  masculine & mineral laden characteristics, we’ve roasted the coffee to slightly darker level of medium. You might also taste chocolate, dry red wine, spice, and, as it cools, pine.

This coffee goes well with steamed milk. And, while I haven’t tried it, I suspect this Glenwood Caturra would make an excellent  Toddy or Filtron cold brew coffee.

Have an great October,

Kelleigh & Brandon (and of course, Ron)

Big Island Coffee Roasters

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