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Big Island Coffee Roasters

Maui Mana | Dark Roast Maui Coffee - 4 oz

  • Tasting notes: Dark chocolate truffles and allspice; Balanced, mellow, and smooth.

  • Origin:
    100% Maui coffee

  • Roast:

100% Maui Coffee, Dark Roasted

Our in-house blend of 100% Maui coffees has long been popular with coffee lovers that enjoy a smooth, cookie-like experience from their coffee. Ours has a lower perceived acidity, so you won't get notes of fruit or wine, but youwill get notes of cocoa powder, baking spices, chocolate cookies, and nuts.

If you're the type that likes to add creamer to your coffee, the cookie-like origin characteristics will hold up, and even compliment the frothy milk (or oat milk) in your cup.

Anecdotally, with nearly a decade of offering our Maui coffees, we've noticed these are great crowd-pleasers, enjoyed both by specialty coffee aficionados and those who are newly gaining an appreciation for better coffees.

We recommend using Maui Mana in your cold brew recipes. It also makes an excellent americano, cappuccino, and Aeropress for dark roast coffee lovers.