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Big Island Coffee Roasters

Ka'u Morning Glory (Bundled)

  • Tasting notes: Pecan, caramel, cinnamon and spruce with juicy elements of orange and vanilla; bright and sweet

  • Origin:
     Ka’u coffee, Big Island

  • Roast: 


Each year we taste dozens of Ka'u coffees grown by different farms in the region, spanning the three primary growing areas: Cloud's Rest, Wood Valley, and Pear Tree. We're looking for coffees that showcase the best of the terroir, with a natural caramel-like sweetness, notes of roasted pecans, and a juicy, citrusy sweetness, like tangerine or peach.

We blend the best Ka'u coffees we taste to create our signature single-origin Ka'u Morning Glory coffee. While their strengths are often different, they complement each other nicely: bright, long and juicy fruit tones meet with a medium-full body and candied nut finish.

Varietal: typica, caturra

Processing: washed

Perfect for: filter, pour over, french press; lovers of juicy, lively, sweet coffees; pair with toasted nut and/ or cinnamon rolls

 Cost per cup: $1.07, hand-harvested

Suggested brewingPour over. 17g of 400 F water to 1g medium ground coffee; bloom for :30 then add additional water and brew in a swirling pattern for an additional 2:45-3:25.

カウ モーニング グローリー

100% カウコーヒー

ロースト:  ミディアム

ティスティングノート: ピーカン、ブラウンシュガー、バニラ、オレンジ、甘くはっきりした味わい