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New specialty Hawaiian coffees delivered each month.
Milled in small batches and roasted to order.

forbes best hawaiian coffee | forbes Kona coffee Because Hawaii is populated with over 900 small coffee farms, often great lots come in quantities too small for us to offer publicly. Instead we divvy them up among members with those in the Roasters Club receiving the richest variety.

You'll experience variety like:

Puna Peaberry
Kona Geisha
Ka'u Natural
Ka'u Maragogipe
Maui Mokka
and more

We ask that members are flexible, adventurous, and interested in tasting new coffees.


When will my coffee roast and ship?

Your coffee will be roasted and ship within the first week of each month.

Please note:

  • New members that sign up on or before the 26th of the month at 9 PM HST will receive their first shipment 'on-cycle', meaning within the first week of the next month.
  • New members that sign up after the 26th will have their order held until the next club cycle.
  • If you need coffee immediately, please place a separate order because all items ordered with the club will ship at the same time.

Example of the order cycle for new members:

  • If you place your first order on January 25th, you'll receive your first shipment between Feb 1 - 7.
  • If you place your first order on January 27th, you'll receive your first shipment between March 1 - 7. 

How is this Hawaiian coffee club different from others?

Freshness Our coffees are freshly milled and roasted. Fresh milling is a process that very few roasters are capable of providing. It means our selection remains fresh and retains better character throughout the year.

Quality We seek out the best specialty Hawaiian coffees (meaning the coffee must be over 80 points to be considered) and roast them in a way that preserves distinction. Our roasting has earned several awards, including in Forbes' 12 Best Coffee Roasters in the USA list.

Diversity Different islands, processes, and coffee varieties, but all roasted exactly how you like it.

Benefits Member-only Hawaiian coffees, reduced or free shipping, first tastes, tours, and more.

How many will each subscription serve?

Each bag in our Hawaiian coffee clubs and gift subscriptions includes 10 oz of Hawaiian coffee.

Tasters Club: 1 bag / month
Cuppers Club: 2 bags / month
Explorers Club: 3 bags / month
Roasters Club: 4 bags / month

Each bag in the Barrel-Aged Hawaiian Coffee Subscription includes 10 oz of coffee.

We vary the quantity in each bag so subscribers can enjoy a greater variety of the coffee in Hawaii, from the rare and highly rated coffees, like peaberry, to those that are commonly available.

Is there a minimum commitment to membership?

No, you're free to cancel at any time.

Can you ship coffee subscriptions internationally?


Have more questions? Contact us at