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Made with 100% Hawaiian coffee and 5 natural, organic ingredients, Espresso Bites look and taste like chocolate, but contain no chocolate at all.

✓ 2- 3 espresso shots per bar (90-130mg natural caffeine) from 100% Hawaiian coffee
✓ > 22% less sugar than a 12 oz double latte
✓ chocolate free, soy free, gluten free, non-GMO (Classic & Salted are vegan)
✓ High antioxidants
✓ Award-winning

Espresso Bites

The Wonder of Edible Coffee and Our Espresso Bites

They're sometimes called coffee bites, coffee balls and coffee bars, but these bite-sized espresso treats are great on their own or mixed in with some hot water for a viable coffee-on-the-go solution that anyone can enjoy. With smooth and creamy flavors, our Espresso Bites are a fantastic pick-me-up for yourself or for the coffee-lover in your life -- and their chocolatey look and taste is even more surprising when you consider that they contain no chocolate at all!

With three distinct flavors -- Latte Espresso, Sea Salt and Classic Espresso -- each of our edible coffee bites are made from 100 percent Hawaiian coffee and just five natural and organic ingredients such as yummy organic milk, organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, sea salt, vanilla bean and non-GMO sunflower lecithin. Choose one of our edible coffee bars to soothe your curiosity, or get all three in our convenient Espresso Bites Mixed Pack to try them all or share with friends.

Since our Espresso Bites look and taste like chocolate, you can even share them with your non-coffee-drinking friends, though they do contain the equivalent caffeine of two to three espresso shots per bar, so you probably won't want to grab one for a midnight snack unless you're pulling an all-nighter. But because they have less sugar (> 22 percent) than a typical 12 ounce double latte, you can enjoy these delicious Espresso Bites instead of your morning coffee and still come out ahead.

Those with allergies and sensitivities also appreciate our edible coffee bites because they're chocolate free, soy free, gluten free and non-GMO -- and our Classic and Salted bars have no milk, so they're vegan. Like other superfoods, our Espresso Bites are even packed with antioxidants and other things that not only taste great, but they’re also good for you.

Forget about trying to make your own Espresso Bites with some generic recipe you found online. Our Espresso Bites are made with the best, natural ingredients and contain 100 percent authentic Hawaiian coffee, not some kind of cheap blend or a knockoff that could send your gag reflex into overdrive.

But the best part is that when you bite down on one of our delicious edible coffee bars, you'll get an instant rush of natural flavors, as well as caffeine. While a hot coffee might take the better part of half-an-hour to finish, an edible coffee bar can be polished off in just minutes, allowing you to get on with your day -- and like a cup of coffee, you'll feel alert, energized and ready to take on the day. 

For fitness buffs that seldom take a day off, our edible coffee bites can even reduce soreness after a strenuous workout due to caffeine's ability to block adenosine and reduce muscle inflammation and pain. Sure, you could get that from a cup of coffee, but who wants a hot coffee before their next, sweaty workout? Instead, reach for the edible coffee bites in your bag and start your workout with the power of caffeine.

In a pinch, one of our Espresso Bites can even be dropped into a cup of hot water for an espresso treat to go. Unlike a hot coffee that you need to protect and consume before the cold sets in, our edible coffee bites are ready with a hot cup of Hawaiian espresso at a moment's notice.

The original Espresso Bites bar, also known as our Classic Espresso Bites, is a smooth, creamy and sweet bar packed with the flavors of fudge, raisins, caramel and roasted Hawaiian coffee. We call it an edible espresso, but no matter how you love to enjoy it -- as yummy little treats or in water for a quick pick-me-up -- you'll be enjoying a unique flavor profile only found in the best Hawaiian coffees and espressos.

With a signature sea salt flavor, our Sea Salt Espresso Bites are grown in Maui's red volcanic soil, making for a smooth espresso with a hint of caramel and nuts. Topped with rich sea salt from Molokai, this salty and sweet edible coffee bar is decadently wild and sure to impress even the most ardent coffee connoisseur. And because it can go anywhere you go, you're only seconds away from delicious Hawaiian flavor no matter where you find yourself.

Last but certainly not least is our milk-infused Latte Bar Espresso Bites. While it has less espresso than our other bars (two espresso shots versus three), it makes up for it with a velvety and milky bar that must be tasted to be believed. Like our other edible coffee bars, it's made with 100 percent authentic Hawaiian coffee and organic, natural ingredients for a signature flavor profile that titillates the taste buds.

From Your Friends at Big Island Coffee Roasters

Born out of the need to have accessible, great coffee while on the go, we created our edible coffee bars because of the challenges inherent with bringing coffee into the wonder of nature. With the bland taste of instant coffee, the burden of carrying brewing equipment and the woody flavor of raw coffee beans, there's no real alternative for coffee lovers on the go -- so we decided to make it. 

After working on various ideas and recipes for over two years, we created the first bean-to-bar concoction in a simple home kitchen. Today, our Espresso Bites represents some of the best and bold espresso coffee tastes out there. Not only are there are multiple ways that you can enjoy it, but it's easier to carry than just about anything else. Now anyone can travel lightly with great, edible coffee at their side, and that's something that any coffee aficionado can appreciate.