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From farmers to retailers, we work with large clients to find the ideal roast profiles and coffees to suit their needs. Our services cater to brands seeking custom blends, vetted quality, fast turn around and personal attention. Our clients include Big Island Candies, The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Black Singapore, JN Ka’u Coffee Farms and more.

With our custom coffee roasting and sources services, our goal is simply that your coffees taste better under our care than you’ve tasted them before.
Our in-house capacities range from consultation, sourcing, cupping evaluation, milling, grading, roasting, packaging, and labeling services. 

Call or email to make an appointment: 808-968-6228,


Consultation Services:

New farms
Processing/post-harvest refinements
Maximizing coffee quality
Brewing: Grinding, Brewing, Milk Foaming

Q Cupping Evaluation:

Includes a score sheet and breakdown of fragrance/aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, uniformity, clean cup and overall.

Sample roasting, Q cupping, green grading: $35-45 (range is based on quantity)

Q Cupping + either sample roasting or green grading: $30-40 (range is based on quantity)

Q Cupping only: $30

Coffee Roasting, Milling & Processing Services:

Coffee roasting:
1-15 lb:  $18
15-25 lb:  $29
Over 90 lb:  .75/lb

Dry milling:
$0.30 / lb  (no minimum)

Coffee size grading
(Peaberry, XF, F, #1, off grade):
$0.35 / lb (50 lb minimum)

Dry milling + size grading:
$.45 / lb (50 lb minimum)

Packaging and heat sealing (BYO bag):
$0.25 – $0.35 per package

Coffee grinding:
$0.40 / lb

Package re-sealing tape:
$0.10 / bag

Coffee bags:
3 oz: $0.25
8 oz., 12 oz. or 1 lb: $0.50–$0.85
5 lb: $1.10

Label application:
$0.10 / label

Coffee flavoring:
$1.00 / lb

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