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"I offered a bag of your coffee to one of my friends who is a wine and coffee fanatic. His feed back was: "Yeah, that was ok. Actually good. Actually the best coffee I ever had". I believe he is now a happy customer..."  - TJ


"I found your company over a year ago and never looked back. I feel as if I'm always dealing with a local store, albeit 4,790 miles away. No matter what I always get a top quality product and above and beyond top quality service. Keep up the good hard work." - Matthew H.


"The Ka'u Morning Glory was a big hit here at home. In fact, my brother drank most of it!  (will hide next time)" - Corey


"I have been drinking the Puna Natural this week.  I think it is the best coffee I have experienced to date."  - Mark (HI)


 Now I'm beginning to believe the tasting notes for these coffees. Never before did any coffee tasting notes correspond to the actual flavor. - Ron (HI)


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"Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how much I loved the Maui Mokka. It is everything I have ever wanted in a cup of coffee. My entire kitchen smells of it every morning when I run it through the burr grinder. The time I wait for it to brew in the french press is almost excruciating. Thank you so much for bringing something so wonderful to life and for the opportunity for me to have it in my life. I cannot wait for the upcoming Kona Peaberry shipment. "   -   Kim (AL)


I've had the pleasure of trying a bag of your "Wood Valley Coffee".  Its some of the best coffee I've had. - Jason (CA)


Your Morning Glory ruined me as a Kona coffee drinker.  I appreciate the quality of your roast. - Shawn O. (CA)


I'm now winning every coffee-off between other purists who challenge my brew. Honeyed Yellow wins every time. Wow's abound. Satisfied palettes and new customers forthcoming... - Pasha M (CT)


I have received my [green bean] order and have roasted all 3 coffees.  All are terrific and marvelously distinct!  Thanks for your devotion to such quality.  - Ray


Aloha, I purchased some coffee from you at the Sunday Makuu farmer's market a couple years ago.  The handwritten letter you enclosed with my shipped order was amazing.  I hung onto it believing I would share with you my appreciation and respect for your business practices and product. I have been warmed by your kindness and hope the flame I have kindled from your spirit returns to you a thousand fold now!  - Kasey M.


A while back I ordered some of your Dark. You guys really nailed the roast on that one. Brought out the distinctive properties of the raw without adding any of the charcoal taste that I dislike - looks like you ran it right up to edge without tripping over.   - Paul W


I just fell in love with your coffee all over again!

While I had been enjoying  Kazumura for weeks now on island, I’ve been doing it with out a good grinder, scale etc..  So when I got home, my brother was making your coffee in an Aeropress (which tasted good)  but a after a few tries, I decided to make it in the Clever Dripper.  And it was amazing!  Sweet, with notes of nougat, candied nuts and cocoa (but not over powering).  with excellent acidity, stone fruit, red apples, (closer to gala than red delicious) and sweet rhubarb? (like when you bake it.)  and a pleasant vegetal note.  the coffee was complex with the fruit note standing out. I later made a cup for my brother and he couldn’t get over how good the coffee was!! He literally finished a 10 oz cup in 5 minutes!
Puna Kazumura: Brewing method - Clever Dripper.
-19 gr. coffee - medium grind.
-334 gr. water.
-204’ water temp.
-Add 50 gr. water to bloom. bloom for 30 seconds.
-Finish adding remaining water - stir - cover and let steep for 2 minutes.
-Set on pre warmed coffee cup, and if ground correctly should take 60 - 75 seconds to drain.
This makes about 10 oz of unforgettably delicious coffee!    Cheers! - Corey (PA)

Coffee Review & Brewing Recipe

Honeyed Yellow Caturra

Big Island Coffee Review

Uniquely Brewed via "Aerodrip "

This is it, the last 21 g of Big Island Coffee Roasters "Honeyed Yellow Caturra." I received this exclusive bag of coffee a little over a week ago and since, have been savoring every bean. Honeyed Yellow Caturra has been in my bucket list for over a year, and I'm actually happy I waited this long to purchase it, as over the time I've become more knowledgeable in brewing coffee and extracting its flavors.

The brew method of choice for this special occasion is called the "Aerodrip." This method is much like your standard Pour-over in that the coffee grounds are saturated with water and left to bloom, followed by the pouring of water in small increments as the coffee drips through the paper filter. However, the difference is that the relatively small diameter of the Aeropress allows for immersion of the coffee grounds as well as agitation by stirring (if desired).
I chose this method because I wanted to recollect what I tasted a week ago; I guess this was my way of compensating for shelf-life. I believe the key element of this process is immersion and agitation by stirring, as it extracts flavors from all coffee grounds, and not just the center grounds like many of the standard Pour-over methods. However, keep in mind that agitation by stirring also increases the rate of extraction — the more you stir, the shorter your brew time will be.

The result was better than expected. I managed to get some of the floral and fruit notes, however the flavors that stood out the most in this cup are of almond and honey. The cup was clean and smooth with a nice mouthfeel and a pleasant lingering after taste. I will definitely love to try this brew method again with a fresh batch.

Below is the recipe used for my final cup of Honeyed Yellow Caturra:

  • Preheat the Aeropress, beaker and cup (for heat retention)
  • Set water temp. to 205 degrees (to compensate for heat loss)
  • Use a medium coarse grind setting (adjust for desired flow rate and taste)
  • 21g of coffee & 326g of water for a ratio of 1:15.5
  • Add 50 g of water and let it bloom for 35 seconds
  • Then add 60g more to reach 100g
  • Gently agitate coffee (stir only once or twice)
  • Continue to pour water in small increments until 326 g is reached. (Brew time should be between four to five minutes.
  • Enjoy and Mahalo
  • From Napolean Rincon @napohbarista 

Coffee Review

Road 1 Espresso

Road 1 Hawaiian Espresso Review

Hawaii’s Best

This crema rich full body espresso releases a contagious aroma that'll make you drink it before your milk is steamed (this actually happened twice at home ). Big Island Coffee Roasters "Road1 Espresso" has a smooth syrupy mouthfeel with just enough acidity to add character and complexity in the cup. The taste notes are of grape, chocolate, deep fruit with a tiny hint of toast.

Road1 Espresso is probably the most versatile espresso blends I've tasted. I call it versatile because it works well for cappuccino, Latté and flat white beverages. Meaning, its flavors does not diminish with the use of milk. In fact, we find that it pairs amazingly well with milk and that it is easy on the stomach. My wife is in love with this coffee! She actually thought I added peaces of chocolate in her flat white. 

Last night I accidentally stopped the brew head too short and wound up brewing the perfect amount of coffee for a Ristretto. The result was insane! creamy, rich, wine-like grape covered bunnies doing the “nae nae.” lol


from Napolean Rincon @napohbarista

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