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 A Taste of Hawaii, Coffee Lovers Club

 A curated Hawaiian subscription from our private collection

Much like states that produce great wines, coffee drinkers can now taste and explore Hawaii's landscape through its expression in Hawaii's best coffees.

We offer the widest diversity of Hawaiian coffees worldwide, spanning a range of varieties, origins, micro-lots and processes, plus award-winners of their respective regions. You'll find that each of our coffees taste different -- from those grown on Oahu to on Big Island volcanos; from names like Honeyed Yellow Caturra to Triple Bourbon; and from heritage cultivars like Kona Typica to tiny Maui Mokka peaberries.

Often the finest Hawaiian coffees come in quantities too small for us to offer publicly, so we collect these coffees throughout the year, divvy them up between coffee club members, then mill, grade, roast and ship them from our farm to your home.  

Once per month you'll receive a new array, roasted only days before, and at your preferred roast level: light, medium, medium dark, dark, or Roaster's Choice.

Subscriptions are roasted and shipped during the first week of the month. They may be accompanied by a letter detailing the coffees, as well as tasting notes and brewing tips. We respectfully ask that members are flexible, adventurous, and genuinely interested in tasting new coffees.

Procured directly from farmers on each island, some coffees are grown on polyculture farms tucked in the jungle, others are award-winners of their respective regions, and others are hand-crafted here on our boutique farm in Puna.

You won't find these coffees on our website or on grocery store shelves. It's an intimate diversity, crafted from cherry to cup and roasted fresh every month.


Visiting the Big Island? Our coffee club members get free tours. Contact us to schedule a private tour of our working farm, mill, and micro-roastery.


Cupper's Club

2 - 3 bags of coffee each month (24 - 32 ounces)
$54 per month

Free shipping
1st option to purchase limited coffees
Samples of new products
Member only farm tours*
Private coffee roasting lesson and option to roast your own coffee*

Roaster's Club

3 - 4  bags of coffee each month (48 - 60 ounces)
$105 per month

Free shipping
1st option to purchase limited coffees
Samples of new products
Member only farm tours*
Private coffee roasting lesson and option to roast your own coffee*
* Inquire for details

International Club

2 - 3 bags of coffee each month (24 - 32 ounces)
$79 per month

Price includes worldwide shipping
1st option to purchase limited coffees
Samples of new products
Member only farm tours*
Private coffee roasting lesson and option to roast your own coffee*

Taster's Club

1 bag each month (10 - 16 oz)
$30 per month

$3 shipping 
1st option to purchase limited coffees
Samples of new products


How do I update my credit card information?

The easiest way to update your credit card information would be to re-enter your information right here. Alternatively, you can also log into your account, and send us a message with your updated credit card information (the internal messages are more secure than email). Lastly, you can give us a call.

How is this coffee subscription different from others?

Freshness Not only are our coffees roasted just days before they arrive to your home, but often they're freshly milled too (a process only possible at coffee growing origins). This means our selection remains fresh and retains better character throughout the year.

Quality   In 2013 our coffee earned the highest score in the Hawaii statewide cupping competition and became Grand Champion. In 2017, we landed in the Top 5. Since then we've been labeled Best Roaster in Hawaii, Hawaii's Favorite Artisan Beverage, and earned a coveted spot in Coffee Reviews Top 30 list. And now we aim to share a range of Hawaii's best coffees with you.

Diversity This subscription delivers the widest diversity and highest quality collection of Hawaiian coffees worldwide. Each month you'll drink at least one new Hawaiian coffee.

Connection Visiting the Big Island? We love meeting our coffee club members. We'll take you around the farm, and you'll experience the process for turning a coffee cherry into brewed coffee.

Benefits Free shipping, farm tours, member-only samples, roasting lessons and first rights to purchase any coffee you love, before it runs out. 

How do I purchase a (3 month, 6 month, etc) gift subscriptions to the your Taste of Hawaii coffee club?

There are two simple ways: 1. When filling out the membership form, select that your subscription is a gift, then choose the duration and enter a note to the recipient. 2.  Purchase a pre-paid gift coffee subscriptions here

How many people will each subscription type serve?

1 moderate drinker: Tasters Club
1-2 moderate drinkers: Cuppers Club
3-5 moderate drinkers: Roasters Club

You can add bags to your monthly shipment at no extra shipping charge.

What types of Hawaiian coffees do you ship?

Each month varies. To give you an idea, here's a list of what we shipped in 2017:
January: Wiseman Estate Ka'u & Sadies Estate Ka'u; February: Aged Puna Natural & Road 1 Espresso; March: Kona Peaberry & Kona Extra Fancy; April: Honeyed Yellow Caturra & Maui Peaberry; May: Hamakua Rainbow Farms roast flight; June: Oahu Triple Bourbon and Kazumura Peaberry; July: Kona Half Mile High & Stout Heart Dark; August: Celebration Roast & Ka'u Morning Glory; September: Ka'u Peaberry & Maui Mellow; October: Kona Honeyed Typica; November: Maui Mokka Natural; December: Fresh Crops Coffees Begin! 

Please note: Although several coffees may be listed per month, what coffee club subscribers receive is based on their membership level and roast preference. For instance, subscribers to the Cupper's Club generally receive more variety than subscribers to the Taster's Club do. Roaster's Club members receive the highest level of variety and quantity.

Is there a minimum commitment to membership?

No, you're free to cancel at any time.

When do you charge my card, and when do you ship each month?

If you signed up for a subscription after January 2017, each month your credit card is charged on the same day: the day you signed up. If you signed up before January 2017, your credit card is charged at the beginning of each month.

Regardless of when payment processes, all coffees ship during the first 7 days of the month. You will receive your coffee during the second week of the month.

When will I receive my first delivery of Hawaiian coffees?

You have the option to either have your coffee ship immediately, and then on schedule (an additional charge applies), or begin on schedule, which is the first week of the next month. 

Can you ship coffee subscriptions internationally?

Absolutely. International coffee club members receive a discounted shipping rate, which is included in the monthly fee.

Still have questions? Contact or call 808-968-6228.


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