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It’s our Anniversary!

Some time ago we decided to quit advertising altogether.

Not in magazines, not on the web, and not even with the esteemed Coffee Review. It’s not that it wasn’t working - it was - it just seemed strange to spend the equivalent of 12 bags of fertilizer per month looking for new customers by blasting our logo all over the web. If we had to spend the equivalent to 12 bags of fertilizer on anything, we’d rather it be with the people who’ve supported us this far: yep, that’s you.

Because you’ve tasted our work, enjoyed our newsletters and you've continued to share our Hawaiian coffees with your people, our small mill & roastery has grown two fold every year. And in five short years since renovating the farm, we’ve become “Hawaii’s Favorite Artisan Beverage” and among the top coffee roasters in Hawaii. All without a retail location or pushing our coffees into big grocery chains. We’re honored!

We think you and yours deserve the best. And we really don’t want you, your friends or family to get caught with weird, stale or counterfeit Hawaiian coffee. So for the 5th Anniversary of Big Island Coffee Roasters, we’re giving you the best celebratory gift we could muster!

Set your calendars for September 9th from 12 AM HST to 11:59 PM HST:

Free Shipping
 A Free Gift 
 $10 Gift Certificate with Every Purchase 
Discounts on Select Coffees
Discounts on International Shipping

Wahoo! (We're excited, too)

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P.S. This happens every year, so if you missed it sign up to our newsletter to find out next time we celebrate.

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