How to Use a French Press

A simple approach to a great cup of coffee.

You've watched the french press go in and out of vogue, often dependent on what the newest space-wasting convenience becomes or what the hipsters are brewing on. And there in the background, sits the modest french press. Much like a broom or machete, simple & timelessly designed, needn't of extensive improvements - only minor direction to the operator.

That's why we've made this video: a practical approach to french press coffee preparation without the pretense. We want your coffee ritual to be so simple and reliable, you can make coffee with only one, early-morning neuron firing.  The geeky details are there if you want, but you don't need them to brew a great cup. Simple, fast and delicious, we think this is the best, most convenient way to prepare multiple cups of coffee.


Brewing ratio: 1 gram coffee to 15 grams of hot water (1:15).  If that's too strong, try 1:16.

For four cups:
60 grams  =  8 tablespoons coffee
900 grams  =  32 oz hot water, 200 - 205 F
4 minutes total brew time

If you use this recipe to brew our Ka'u coffee, Morning Glory, the entire pot will set you back $3.50.

Simplicity tip: Use a Capresso programmable water kettle. These simple kettles are fast to boil and feature programmable temperatures, meaning you can forget about the thermometer.

Consistency tip: Similar to baking bread, we recommend measuring your coffee and water by weight. While it's not necessary  for brewing great coffee, it's a small improvement which could add consistent quality. But above all else, our strongest recommendation is to prepare and drink coffee however you like.

Music: "Stoneyridge Terrace" by Ian Pooley. If you like this morning groove as much as we do, just buy it. It's only $1.

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