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Holiday Givings


As we've been tangled in the coffee trees, harvesting your coffees, we've been asking each other "Who are these people, who buy our coffees? And how did they find us through the thicket of advertisers?" A few hours later our questions trailed off to "What do you think they're interested in? How can we write to them if we don't know what they care about?"

Rather than guessing or spending hours analyzing traffic data, we're reaching out. What source of enrichment or engagement can we provide to augment our coffees? How can we strengthen your experience?

It could be anything. Responding to questions you have, providing farmer/roaster perspective, even publishing the - sometimes wacky - farm stories which our neighbors have heard probably too many times.

This holiday season we'll be donating $1 per pound of coffee sold to an inspiring non-profit organization. With so many important, well-run organizations, we're having trouble choosing. The last question in the survey gives you an opportunity to select the organization most important to you!

Thank you in advance for filling out this survey!
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Fill it out now, because this survey will close 10/29/2014.

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